Sunday, May 30, 2010

Projects for the Plane

Tomorrow Brynlee and I are flying to Utah! It's not that long of a flight, but it's still going to be interesting since Josh won't be there to help me with Bryn. I've been collecting some new little toys and things to keep her busy on the plane. Included on the list are: A new designer pair of shades from the Target dollar section. And I made a quick glasses case for them out of felt. Bryn loves sunglasses and she loves little purses and pouches so hopefully this will keep her attention for a bit.
And then I made a crayon roll, so she can do some coloring. The goal is for her to sit reverently on my lap the entire flight, wearing her sunglasses, quietly taking the crayons in and out of the pockets, and sketching the profiles of the people sitting on our row.
If that plan fails then I've got 200 stickers, a new animal book, plenty of snacks, a small stuffed dog that pants when you squeeze him, four plastic insects, two miniature slinkies, 20 fake gold coins, and about thirty new pages that I added to her picture book. And a blankie. Maybe she'll just want to cuddle the whole time? That's an idea.


Clarke Family said...

Lar, that crayon pouch is awesome! It makes me think of a machine gun pouch!:) I'm so excited to see you tomorrow! Log

Meghan said...

So cute! Love the crayon pouch! Good luck on the flight! I hope she is very reverent and colors :)

Nate and Keshia said...

Where on earth do you come up with so many amazing craft projects?! I'm seriously keeping a list of ideas from you for things I can make when Kyla gets a little older. Thanks! You are incredible.