Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th

Josh and I went on our first date. (No picture, unfortunately). It was a blind date, although we had technically seen each other ten years before. I remembered him. He had no recollection of me. Ha ha. DECMEBER 29, 2007
Notice the ring on Josh's left finger.
We had been married for five months, and we went out on a fun date to celebrate the one year mark from our first date.
DECEMBER 29, 2008
Notice the bulging belly. (How could you not?)
I was pregnant and December 29th was Brynlee's due date. Josh and I spent the day playing basketball with my family, performing a rousing song and dance routine for FHE talent, and then going into labor that night at my parent's house. (Bryn was born the next day). DECEMBER 29, 2009
Notice the cute girl ... wearing Valentine's Antenna in JoAnn's. We played with family, went to the Draper Temple, played with silly Brynlee, and reminisced about how are lives have changed in the last three years!!! Bottom Line: We are blessed. And we like the 29th of December


Kyle and Megan Guest said...

WOW! I can't believe that little Bryn's is a year!! Happy Birthday!

Jen Scott said...

Happy birthday! She is so cute. I love her smile...

29th of Dec has been good to you. :)