Saturday, December 19, 2009

77 Degrees

Today has been so warm. Too warm, actually. Isn't it December!? I convinced Josh to take a break from GMAT studying and go to the park with Brynlee and I.
And we had a pretty good time.
Especially Brynlee.


Gloria said...

Love this post! she is sooo adorable I love the picture with her arms in the air! AND I'm telling you seeing these pictures of warm weather make me homesick for California and I bet you are the opposite wishing to see snow outside! Hope you have a great Christmas! :)

Diana Hulme said...

oh my gosh, brynlee has perfect form for a cartwheel in that first pic. she's just about to do a front handspring or something. incredible.

Monica and Dave said...

I'm jealous of your beautiful weather! get ready for cold, foggy, utah. :)