Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bryn's New Favorites

Bryn has been going a little stir-crazy since our car's been in the shop and we've been stuck indoors. She's discovered some new favorites. Some are great, some are a little problematic. In no particular order, Bryn's new favorites are:
*Eating cheese
*Climbing into drawers and emptying them
*Shaking it to Beyonce and "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch"
*Wetting the bed. On purpose. Three nights in a row.
*Opening or pulling the lids off of anything - pens, lotion, containers, dvd cases, etc.
*Drawing on furniture, her hands, and clothes with markers, colored pencils, or pens. Bryn claims she's just expressing herself, but I'm not buying it.
*Nuzzling her cute little face against mine, all throughout the day.
*Rummaging, in general
*Fake coughing
*Ripping things - tissue, paper, the pop-ups in her books, my hair, etc.
So we had a little family council to clarify our rules with Bryn and agree upon future punishments. We'll see if the threat of dish duty will keep her in line.

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