Friday, June 19, 2009

True or False

Let's play a game. It's called True or False. The answers are at the bottom.

(1) Brynlee looked super cute on Sunday. (See above picture).

(2) Mark brought over a delicious crock-potted meal for Sunday Dinner.

(3) When Josh was at a scout meeting on Sunday evening, a pipe in our master bathroom exploded.

(4) Laura panicked and ran around the apartment complex like a chicken with her head chopped off, trying to find help.

(5) A few minutes later Laura returned to the scene only to find Brynlee on the floor of the master bedroom, splashing around in the huge puddle of water that now covered the bathroom and bedroom. Woops. Should have left her on the bed!

(6) Laura, very unexperienced when it comes to floods, didn't know what to do, so she did the only thing she knew how to do: She served all the crew delicious cake with fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

(7) Fifty gallons of water later....Josh, Laura, and Brynlee had to leave their home since it the flood crew concluded it was an "unlivable condition".

(8) Uncle Mark welcomed them into his home with open arms.

(9) Josh was fired on Monday.

(10) Laura gave the Relief Society Enrichment lesson on Tuesday on Emergency Preparedness. (Topic assigned weeks ago. Ha.)

(11) Josh, Laura, and Brynlee drove to L.A. to see Jae who had training this week.

(12) They missed an exit (okay, several exits) and ended up in the outskirts of L.A. Not a place you'd ever like to be.

(13) Two hours later they met up with Jae.

(14) Brynlee smiled, gargled, laughed, and wheezed(!?) for her Uncle Jae, even though it was two hours past her bedtime.

(15) On the drive home, the car broke down and is currently in the shop.

(16) Laura was diagnosed with the swine flu on Wednesday.

(17) Carless, Josh borrowed a bike from Mark and rode down busy streets to get to Scouts, in his full scout uniform of course. Laura was LOVING the sight.

(18) Thursday night: Still carless, Josh and Laura packed up all our things from Mark's place and walked home with a loaded stroller, backpack, duffle bag, etc. (We could've waited for Mark to give us a ride, but we were just anxious to be home). We were hoping to get spare change along the way, since we totally looked like homeless people, but we got nothing.

(19) The master bedroom is still carpet-less and the car is still in the shop, but at least we're home... with wheat bread in the oven and homemade tomato soup on the stove! So glad to havev my kitchen back!

(20) We have no reason to complain because we are seriously more blessed than we ever deserve! Things could be so, so much worse! And plus, sleeping on the floor in the front room is pretty fun every once and a while!


All are true except (9) Josh losing his job and (16) Laura getting swine flu. But those would have made the story even better, huh!


Jessica F. said...

What a week! I love your car! You have some of the best stories with that thing.

I am glad that you don't have swine flu and Josh still has a job :) said...

oh my...don't scare us like that...the job thing ;) it's so everywhere right now that it isn't surprising anymore ;( love you positive attitude, you are great!

Jae said...

If/when you guys get a different car, I propose we take your Acura out into the desert and just blow it up. No trade-in, no resell, just push it off a cliff or something. And I love thinking of (a) the workers' faces when you offered them cake and (b) the thought of Josh riding off into the sunset in his full scout uniform (neckerchief!).

Becky said...

You got me on number 9. Whew! I know I should say that sounds awful, and it does, but my favorite part was that you came back to Brynlee playing in the water and then you serving them cake. I'd like some of that cake.

The Pixton Family said...

Stop having so much excitement! I am so relieved that Josh still has a job and you don't have swine flu!

Jeff and Emily said...

What a CRAZY few days you have had!! I can't even imagine what I would do if I had to deal with a flooded house... and a little baby and so many other responsibilities! But it looks like you handled it well :). Jane tells me you live in Southern California right now, and so do I! I live in Yorba Linda, about an hour out of LA. We really like it so far. If you're not too busy, we should definitely get together sometime! I'd LOVE to see Brynlee :). Let me know. Glad to see you're doing well!