Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Update

JOSH Saturday was the big CFA exam for Josh. He's been studying soooooo hard since January. I've been really proud of him. He won't find out til mid July if he's in the top third that passes the test, so we're keeping our fingers crossed!! I am so very glad for the test to be over and to have my husband back! To celebrate we a yummy dinner, went on a nice, long walk with Bryn, and then had Josh's favorite Marie Calender's key lime pie with my uncle. (Thanks Mark!)


I've been busily working on a cute sewing project for Brynlee's room. I'm sewing lots of little birds and I'm going to make a mobile of some sort. Pictures will definitely come of the final product, but here's one little birdie in progress.


Little Bryn is as cute as ever. She's gotten more active and curious. She still makes crazy noises and those gargling noises, along with little sighs and laughter. She's been making herself laugh lately, which really cracks us up. She'll just be laying on the ground playing with a toy and she'll start giggling and fake coughing (one of her signature noises) out of the blue. We love this silly stage. (Do I really not have a new picture of her!? I'll have to take one and add it to this post!)


Diana Hulme said...

congratulations to josh for finishing the exam! :) and those birds are looking adorable...i can't wait to see the finished product.

Jeff and Emily said...

Laura! I just LOVE reading your blog. You are always so uplifting and fun and your daughter is just adorable! Congratulations, Josh! That has gotta be tough. I hear you three are living in Southern California? ME TOO!! I'm only here for the summer though. I live in Yorba Linda, where are you? We should definitely get together for a Sunday dinner or something. Call me or post on my blog or email me sometime!

801 369 2396

Jessica F. said...

Way to go JOSH!

Love the pie!

I can't wait to see the finished project!

Hema and Becky said...

We know Josh did great!! What a relief to have the test done. I saw a cute bird mobile on twigs and it was so cute. I'm sur yours will be amazing! I need to dust off my machine and get stitching!