Thursday, June 25, 2009

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Good things: We got our car back from the shop! Woohoo! (It's definitely time to get a second car!) I finally finished the bird mobile for Brynlee's room. I almost gave up several times along the way, but it's finally done! Pictures to come. Our apartment is finally all cleaned and put back together, after being all torn up and chaotic with the little flood last week. What a good feeling to have a clean house!! We are going to Utah in a month, for the Clarke Reunion at Six Lakes and the Hawkins Reunion in Sundance. I am soooo excited! Josh and I are reading Harry Potter again and we're just getting to the good part in Book 5! Brynlee is just waking up from a nap and I can hear her singing and gargling in her crib. Could there be anything cuter!? Bad Thing: I made my favorite recipe of banana bread this morning while I was doing ten other things. I took it out of the oven without doing the toothpick test. Bad idea. Now I just cut into it and it's underdone. I frantically called my mom to see if I could salvage it. No answer. There has to be some way to save it! Called again. No answer. Called my grandma. Ya, there's nothing I can do except cry over the gooey bread that filled my home with a delicious aroma, but will not be filling my stomach. Some things in life are so hard! Ugly Thing: My rags after cleaning the house today. Yep, pretty ugly. I know, this one is lame, but nothing else ugly came to mind and I've got to go get Bryn.


Diana Hulme said...

Oh bummer about your bread. That's the worst. I actually just did the same thing with wheat/white bread. It's so hard to tell when it's done for me!

Hema and Becky said...

I hate it when I am making something yummy and it doesn't turn out! The lingering smell is pure torture! We're glad that you are going to be here soon, you aren't planning on driving that super dependable car are you?