Saturday, February 28, 2009

We're Here!!!

Well.....we made it! We are here in Huntington Beach and so far it has been so great! We love it. Let's back up. We rented a U-haul on Monday and filled it with everything we owned. It was such a weird feeling. Sad but exciting! We slept at Josh's parent's house on Monday, then took off 4:00 am on Tuesday morning. The drive wasn't too bad. Brynlee was an angel. She didn't fuss at all. Just hung out between Josh and I in the front seat of the truck. We rolled into untington Beach around 3:30 pm. About ten guys from the elder's quorum in our new ward helped us unload the truck. It was soo great having their help. I felt so grateful for the instant network of help that the church offers. So nice! Since then, we've just been unpacking our boxes and getting the apartment in order. We're not totally unpacked, but we're getting there. My uncle Mark lives less than a half mile from us and he has been so helpful. We've seen him everyday and he has been so generous. One of the highlights of the week was going on a nice walk with Mark and Brynlee in her first stroller ride. Our apartment is exactly a mile from the main pier on the beach. I can't wait to go on walks to the beach everyday with Brynlee. There's a great beach trail that will be awesome! We are just loving being here in Huntington Beach. Our apartment is great (pictures to come), and in such a perfect location. I won't have a car during the day, so luckily we are within walking distance to the beach, the library, grocery stores, the bank, the post office, the city pool and gym, and several parks. Basically, it couldn't be better. I feel really blessed for how things worked out.

Bryn and Josh hanging out in the U-haul during one of our breaks in the trip.
Lately Brynlee has loved being propped up on this pillow, so she can watch us unpack boxes. And we love snuggling her up with her little doll... keeping her company, of course.
We also love to snuggle her up with her doll and her little animal friends at night. Actually this only happened one night. Bryn seemed to like the company because she fell right asleep. It's so nice having Brynlee in her full-size crib. It was too big for our apartment in Provo, so we hadn't used it until now.
Bryn has been cuter than ever these last few days. She is getting more and more fun. She smiles so much more nad makes the cutest little "coo-ing" noises and squeals. It kills me. I love her so much. My favorite thing is to make her smile and make those little noises. It melts my heart. I am so grateful to be a mom. What a joy!!!

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