Friday, February 13, 2009

Hawkins Girls Lunch

Yesterday I went to Paradise Cafe with my Mother-in-Law and five of my sister-in-laws. (Of course, I forgot to pull out my camera, so I had to resort to a google image of the restaurant). Anyway, it was so fun! I am so lucky to have married into such a great family! My mother-in-law is amazing and I will really miss her when we move to California. And I will also miss my awesome sister-in-laws! I have loved living so close to most of them, and getting to see them so often. It was so great to get together on Thursday, and hopefully Josh and I can squeeze in more time with family before we leave in a week and a half!

On a side note, the food was great at Paradise Cafe, but the music was so strange! The restaurant was packed with mothers and tables of women, but they were blasting scary, hard core rock music! There was a big speaker right over our table, so I think we were getting the brunt of it. It was so loud that finally we asked a worker to turn it down. It was quieter for a few minutes, but then it was turned up again. We endured it for a few more minutes, but then asked again if they could turn it down. It was turned down, but about thirty seconds later another worker must have cranked it back up. We gave up at that point! Although we were still confused why a cute, little Bakery/Cafe that serves "girl food" would be blasting the heavy rock music!

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