Friday, February 20, 2009

Bryn's Blessing and the Move

Last Sunday was one of the best days of my life....Brynlee's blessing day. Josh gave her such a beautiful blessing. It was such a neat moment. She's not quite old enough to go to church yet, but we wanted to bless her before we leave for California. We ended up blessing her in the evening with many of our Utah relatives.
Four Generations. I hope I can be as awesome of a mother as my mom and grandma are!
Brynlee's Hawkins grandparents and Clarke grandparents
My Clarke grandparents and Tueller grandparents with their newest great-granddaughter.
What a special night!
This is our living room right now. (You can see poor Brynlee in her swing, surrounded by boxes. She's been so good and content as I have been busy packing). As you can see, we've gotten quite a bit of our belongings packed up and ready for the move. It has taken so much longer than I had expected to get things all packed. But I'm nearly done. The apartment is looking pretty empty! It's making me a little sad, but also really excited. We move out on Monday, then take off early early in the morning on Tuesday. I can't believe it's so close!!!

Bryn has been a little angel as I have packed. I just move her around from room to room with me and either make her a little spot on lay on...

...or I prop her up to look around the room. I would be a lot more productive with the packing if I wasn't so distracted by my beautiful daughter! She is at the cutest little stage right now. She makes little noises and smiles as she looks around the room. It will be great to be all moved into our new apartment, so I can just focus 100% on Brynlee.

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