Sunday, January 25, 2009


Josh and I have two things (among many) to Woohoo about....

(1) We finally got our housing set for California! What a relief. We are moving in a month and we just got a call that there will be an opening for us at the apartment complex we were crossing our fingers for. We've been on the waiting list since July and I didn't know if it would work out for us. We had found a few other places as back up on Craig's List, but they were more expensive and we hadn't actually seen any of them in person. As it got closer and closer to our moving date I was getting a little worried that we still didn't have housing worked out. But now it's all taken care of! We'll be in Huntington Beach, about a 15-20 commute from Josh's work...and about a 10 minute walk from the Pacific coast. It's over three times the rent that we're paying here in Provo, but it's actually a lot cheaper than the other places we were looking at so we feel really lucky. I am so grateful we have this all set!

(2) We have the cutest daughter in the world. We went to a Tueller gathering last night and Brynlee showed off her new outfit. You gotta love the shrug sweater! Ninety nine percent of the time she's in a sleeper, so it's so fun to dress her up in a little outfit! I love this little girl so much. I have never been happier! Josh and I are soo lucky to have such a sweet little daughter!!!

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