Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brynlee Update

I love this little girl! She loves to be held upright or propped up so she can look around the room.

Bryn hasn't been to church yet, but she's got a cute little Sunday dress ready for her when she makes her big debut! This is the first time she tried it on and I was dying! She looks so much more girly and feminine when she's in a dress!

Brynlee loves her baths now. We cover her with warm washcloths and she just lays back and relaxes. It's a nice change from the little sponge baths we had to give her until her umbillical cord fell off. She hated those baths and would get so sad.

I love watching her face when she sleeps! She makes so many sweet/silly/strange facial expressions.

Brynlee's three week mark fell on my 22nd birthday. It was a wonderful day! My best birthday by far! I am so grateful to be a mom and to have such a sweet little daughter!

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