Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Babe Update

We're convinced that Brynlee is the cutest baby in the whole world! (I'm sure that's how every parent feels about their children.) Here are some recent pictures of her....

Brynlee hasn't made any public appearances besides doctor's appointments and visits to her grandparents. But when she has gone out we bundle her up in this thick suit. It's a little large on her (okay, it drowns her!), but it is so cozy and warm!
You can probably tell from the pictures that she looks a little yellow. She has been borderline of jaundice, but it's going down. We've been taking her in regularly to get tested and her count is getting progressively lower. We haven't had to do the jaundice lights or any other treatment, and it doesn't look like we'll need to. She's regulating it on her own.

This was one of the first nights being home at about 3:00 am. Josh was helping me to burp Brynlee after she ate and this is what resulted! We were both so tired and worn out that when this little accident happened we just started laughing so hard! Welcome to parenthood!

Proud Dads! Josh and his twin Joe. Brynlee is the first grandchild in my family, but she's the 19th on the Hawkins side.

We don't have room in our little apartment for Brynlee's full size crib, so we're borrowing a cute little crib from my Aunt Margaret. It is just the perfect size!

She loves sleeping with her arms up! It is so funny. We have to swaddle her really tight to keep them down.
Stay tuned for more pictures and updates of this cute little babe!

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