Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Little Update

Josh and I had such a wonderful conference weekend. We were able to attend the Saturday pm session, and run into Josh's mission president while we were there. President Clarke and his wife are such an awesome couple! What a treat to talk with them. We also loved hanging out with my family on Saturday, the Hawkins on Sunday, and the Clarke extended family Sunday night. We feel soo blessed to be this close to our families! It probable won't last forever, so we've got to soak it all in while we're still close by.

One little note to my last post: Josh will, unfortunately, be going to California alone this summer (It's actually just 10 weeks). I'll be here in Provo -- going to school, working tons of hours for Devin Durrant, preparing for my final art show in the fall, and missing my husband terribly! I know what you're thinking: we couldn't even make it a year. It's complicated why we won't both be going, but let me just say it's definitely not because we need some time apart :)

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