Saturday, April 19, 2008

Art update

Ever since we got a blog I've been trying to convince Josh to do a post all about me -- you know, highlighting my best attributes and achievements. Anyone who knows me well knows that I just love to be in the spotlight and be bragged about. (Ha). If you saw the past before this one you'll have seen that he finally came through. (But in all seriousness, I've got a pretty sweet husband. When he asked for our password I knew he was making a post, but I was sure it would be about the Spurs!)

Sooo....When my "Studio Space" consisted of our tiny kitchen, I mostly did smaller paintings on paper. Now that I can work on campus, I've been able to do some fun larger paintings. If you want to take a peek, click here: (And hopefully it will work. I've never added a link before).

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