Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Pics from my Camera

I just loaded some new pictures from my camera and thought I'd share:

Heart shaped pancakes on Valentine's Day. I added food coloring to make them pink, but you couldn't really tell once they were cooked. Growing up my siblings and I would go crazy over green pancakes on St. Patrick's Day, and regardless of any holiday we would always beg my Mom to make our pancakes into snakes, Mickey Mouse, the initials of our name, you name it!
We made our first banana cream pie a little while ago. I don't have a picture of the finished product (probably because we couldn't wait to take a picture, we just dug right in!) but this is one step along the way. I used a recipe from Ellie Krieger (Food Network), and it was the super low-cal, low-fat version....although I did add a little extra vanilla extract for more flavor. And I cheated and used a pre-made graham cracker crust. It had great reviews online, and Josh and I would agree! We loved it! YUM!

I love this picture of my Mom's parents. My grandpa was just so cozy and relaxed in the corner of the couch, with my beautiful grandma behind him. We loved grandpa's purple outfit and comfortable position! Just completely at ease! Anyone from the Tueller fam will love this scene! Now picture grandma saying "Doesn't Vern look so handsome in Violet!!!" Love it!

That's it for now. We need to take the camera around more! When we dated I had my camera with me 24/7, snapping SO many pictures. Now it's like "Josh, should I bring the camera?" "Nah." Plus now we don't have my roommates eagerly offering to take our picture all the time!

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