Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Dawn...

10 Years Ago
I actually met Josh ten years ago at Brandon and Marilee's wedding reception. Josh has no recollection of this initial meeting...which is probably good that he wasn't interested in an 11 year old. I remember meeting Josh and Joe, his twin, but there were no sparks. I spent the whole night twirling about and dancing around the fountains in the front of the building...in a matching outfit with Marie and my Mom. (Although it was just Marie and I doing the twirling). I'm glad Josh doesn't remember that night!

5 Things on my list to do today
1-Make dinner...oh wait, I'm just heating up leftovers!
2-Work on my art criticism paper.
3-Sweep the stairwells of the apartment complex we manage.
4-Go to the gym.

What would I do if I were suddenly a Millionaire
I would buy some new paints, which I'm desperately in need of. Take our little car into the mechanic to finally get all of its problems fixed....including the AC! Replace my extremely worn out running shoes. Go to Cold Stone with Josh. And then invest the rest.

3 Bad Habits
1-Not shutting the front door hard enough....it's always creeping open!
2-Not being able to adjust and be flexible when things come up and my perfectly planned schedule has to change
3-Going to bed too late

5 Places I've lived
1-Sandy, Utah...home sweet home
2-Walnut Creek, California
3-London, England (just for a semester)
4-Tonga (just for a month)
5-Whakatane, New Zealand (just for a semester)

5 Jobs I've had
1-Soccer referee
2-Apprentice artist to local artist Allen Bishop. Sounds so professional, huh! (It wasn't).
3-Paid Out Processor at the Zion's Bank Retail Loan Center
4-Teacher's Assistant for the Intro to Art classes at BYU
5-Management at Stadium Terrace Apartments

5 things people don't know about me
1-I love to dance! Ha ha. I was a dancer growing up, and I just haven't grown out of it! Of course, I've lost any skills I ever had, but I still love dancing.
2-Running Cross Country and Track used to be my big thing in high school...until I ruined my knees and had double knee surgery. I've been doing the elliptical until lately when even that has irritated them.....SO I'm going to try swimming. I'm not too thrilled about it, but Josh says he'll go with me. I haven't taken swim lessons since a child, so this is going to be funny.
3-I love roller coasters! They absolutely scare me to death, but it's a good adrenaline rush. It's a love/hate relationship. I definitely did not get this from my Mother...for all of you Tuellers who remember what happened during our last Cali trip. One moderately scary ride and she was sicker than a dog - shamelessly lying on the dirty cement ground for hours until she wasn't nauseous.
4-I injure myself all the time...in clumsy or strange ways. From the daily paper cuts and stubbed toes to the more painful things like slipping, tripping, slamming my fingers in doors, jumping on nails, and so on.
5-I live for secret deliveries. Unlike the roller coasters, this was instilled in me from my mom. I grew up doing countless secret deliveries...I'd say at least once a week. Some of them were nice, thoughtful notes and messages. But a lot of the time they were just weird, funny objects or random notes - to people in the ward or just to random houses. I get SO much enjoyment out of it! Now that I'm married, I've roped Josh into helping me. I make the goodies or come up with the random object and silly note to be delivered, but I usually convince him to be the Runner and I'll drive. Finally, last night he put his foot down and I had to be the Runner...only because he made the cookies.

Where will I be in 10 years?
Still happily married and honestly I'd love to have 4 kids by then! Hopefully I'll be a cute, little stay-at-home mom, who also finds time to paint! I'd love to have my Masters by then, but I'll see how it goes.

I tag Haley, Jane, and Robyn

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