Saturday, February 9, 2008

My AMAZING younger sister

This is gorgeous, talented, smart, INCREDIBLE, sweet-sixteen sister. (Isn't she beautiful!?!) Last night Josh and I were able to attend Jordan High School's annual Concerto Night. Marie was one of the nine students who was chosen to perform at this elite concert. Marie played a piano number and was backed up by a full orchestra. It was such a treat. Marie came out in a raspberry pink gown and just looked radiant. (I wish I had a better picture of her, than the one I have below!) She sat at the grand piano in the center of the stage and played a 10-minute (memorized) Mozart concerto. She is beautiful as she plays - she really gets into it and her whole body sways. I just watched her in awe. She has spent many months preparing for this big concert, and it certainly paid off! I am so proud and grateful to be her sister. She is such a wonderful example to me, in addition to being one of my very best friends.

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