Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tate Henry Hawkins

 Introducing Tate Henry Hawkins!
Tate was born a week early, on November 11th at 12:05 am. He weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 20 3/4 inches long. He is such a sweet baby and we couldn't be happier that he joined our family!
It was my best labor experience so far and I'm grateful that everything went smoothly. I started having contractions on the afternoon of November 10th, following my 39 week dr. appointment. Once Josh got home from work we packed our hospital bags, dropped off Bryn and Mya at Jake and Tyra's house (the girls were so excited to have a sleep-over with their cousins!), and then we headed to the hospital. We checked in around 8 pm, walked and walked around the labor and delivery floor, then got my epidural around 11 pm. I had a perfectly light epidural this time, which made the delivery much easier than my previous two deliveries. By 11:40 pm I was at a 10 and the baby had crowned, but we waited til midnight to push because Josh and I thought November 11th (11/11) would be an easy birthday to remember - silly, I know. I started pushing at midnight and little Tate arrived at 12:05 am. 
Proud Papa holding his first SON
Poor Tate had just entered the world, and still looks a little shell-shocked at this point :)

I'm so glad Josh captured this moment - Mya's first time seeing her new brother! Ha ha!
 My sister in law Tyra was so wonderful to watch Bryn and Mya for the two nights we were in the hospital. It is so awesome living by family!

My cute nieces and nephews

I'm so grateful for a healthy pregnancy, a smooth delivery, and a good recovery so far. Tate is such a blessing and we love him so much already. 
Welcome to our family, Mr. Tate!