Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Last Week in New Hampshire

June was really a whirlwind for us. We had Josh's graduation, lots of visitors, a few last minute trips and outings around New England, and then before we knew it is was time to move and say our goodbyes. Our last week in New Hampshire was mostly just packing, packing, packing, but here are a few pics from the week...
Bear sightings! The girls and I had seen the bears in our neighborhood a few different times and Josh was always bummed to have missed them. He was so excited to finally see them a few days before we left :)
 Bryn is actually pretty good at yoga (which is so funny to me) and she fit in one last yoga session before we packed up the DVD's. Back in the day I would actually do it with her, but these days I've just been lazily watching her.
 When the toys got packed up we had to get creative with how to stay entertained. Luckily, Bryn is quite resourceful and she came up with all sorts of ways to keep herself busy - including working on her new swimsuit line.
 These two still found quiet spots to read, even when the house was filling up with boxes. I love these two buddies!
Awww..... Bryn and Amy's last play date. These two were such cute friends. 
I know this is a really unflattering picture of me (it was our actual moving day so things were wild), but I sure love these sweet friends of mine and they were so nice to plan one last girls lunch before I left. I made such wonderful friends in New Hampshire and I'm really going to miss living nearby them.
 This picture makes me sad. This is Bryn's sweet little buddy Emma who lived right across the street. :(
 And just for old times sake (and to show another really flattering picture of myself)- here is our family in 2012 on the day we moved into our home on 3 Drake Lane and then here are Mya and Bryn right before we drove away in our U-Haul. Our little family changed a lot in two years! Mya was just 7 weeks old when we got to New Hampshire and now she's a full on toddler. Bryn changed from a busy little toddler to a big girl who reads chapter books, goes to school, and doesn't run away from us in the grocery store anymore. 
I will always cherish the time our family spent in New Hampshire. It's a beautiful place with wonderful people....(and also the longest, roughest winters I could imagine, but I won't get into that!) I am going to miss our small town, our quaint neighborhood, and our simple life. Thank you, New Hampshire, for two memorable years!

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