Tuesday, July 29, 2014

End of Preschool

*With our move and a month long trip to Utah I am way behind on the blog, but now that we're settling in I'll attempt to get everything all updated! Here's post #1...
 Bryn finished up preschool the week that we moved from New Hampshire. We did preschool at the Pre-K program at Mount Lebanon Elementary and it was so great. She had wonderful teachers and an awesome speech therapist at the school who we'll really miss! Her speech therapist, Miss Suscan, actually retired at the end of the year and Bryn was one of her students that was asked to give a little tribute at the school assembly honoring Miss Susan's 30 years of service. 
 The day of our move was also "Field Day" at the elementary school and it was a perfect that while we were busy loading the moving truck at home Bryn was busy having fun at field day! Above is Bryn with her main preschool teacher Ms McCarthy.
Bryn saying goodbye to two of her best buddies Lily and Emily. 
And now on to kindergarten next month!

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