Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Family Came to Town!

This past week has been the best because my parents and brothers were visiting! They made the 15 hour journey across the country to support Josh at graduation and to visit us in New Hampshire before we move. I hadn't seen my family in almost a year, so it was so wonderful to be with them. I've got lots of pictures to post and hopefully I can do a few blog posts before we move next week and things get crazy....well things are already crazy, but you know.

The afternoon they arrived we hung out at our neighborhood park and then walked around Dartmouth campus and got gelato at our favorite spot in Hanover. It was so nostalgic because the last time my mom was in New Hampshire was when we had just arrived and she was with us when we walked around Dartmouth for the very first time and also got gelato for the first time. And now here we are two years later! Our two years at Dartmouth really flew by.

 More pictures to come!

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