Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Open Studio at AVA Gallery

It has been a freezing winter with negative temps lately, and it's difficult finding fun indoor activities in our small town. So THANK YOU to the "Tiny Tuckies" coordinators for reminding me about the Children's Open Studio at AVA Gallery. It's basically just a free-for-all with all the art supplies a child would need. They also have a little stage and plenty of costumes if your child is more into drama than's such a cute place. Bryn had such a good time drawing, doing stamps, making collages, and painting with her cute "Tiny Tuckies" friends. 
 Of course, my favorite thing was seeing her straddling an art horse, hard at work. I am not going to pressure her to do art like her mama, but I sure wouldn't mind if she got into it!
 Let's get one more action shot, because I'm loving this a little too much.
 What a fun morning with Bryn! 

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