Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bryn Bryn

I missed this cute girl the four days I was at camp! It's so fun to be back home with my little buddy.
I love this little girl, and I swear she seems even older and even cuter than she was before I left!
And I'm glad to be home with Josh, too. But he wasn't as eager to pose for welcome home snapshots as Bryn was :)


The Zeediks said...

everything from hanging babies to awesome YW ideas! I love you blog. I love the crisp clear photos you take. They are really beautiful, all the bright bold colors. They always seem to be artistically planned! I am sure they are not necessarily but you just have an eye for capturing things!
You are such a good Mom Laura. I am truly soo inspired by you.
I have a question for you, is Bryn allowed to watch TV? If so how much a day?
On the potty training thing, you may have it done by now, but the best tip for me was getting a kitchen timer that does a loud ring, setting it for every 15-20 and every time it goes off you go to the potty and try, she gets to put a sticker on the "fancy" chart (maybe a sticker that is more exciting than a star ;)) and then the reward for going (if she goes) is a sweet beverage (encourages more practice opportunities)
She will probably have an accident to begin with, in which case you go "practice" on the potty and set the timer again. Halle would get so excited when the timer went off, I think we may have even done an M&M reward for just trying.
Anyway, each kid is different and I am sure you are swamped with advice! But, you never know sometimes something someone says works!

xoxoxo, we should be getting together!

The Zeediks said...

oh and what is that animated Book of Mormon? Also do you have my e mail to reply to me? I don't know how I will find your reply otherwise.

My 3 Gooches said...

Aw...I leave for camp tomorrow and I'm going to go crazy not being with my little girl! I even considered taking her with!! We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll just cry the whole time! :) BTW, I've been considering getting a hold of you many, many times during this whole camp planning experience because I've never done it before and you seem to be a pro!!