Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Bryn was in such a creative mood today. She painted and colored all day long. We spent hours at it, and it was so cute watching her work. She thinks of what she wants to paint, I draw it, she goes at it with her paints or crayons, then she gives me the next object to draw. My drawings are embarrassing, but I love her little paintings!
Sometimes she requests simple drawings like animals or letters/numbers, but a lot of the time she has me draw really random things that crack me up. For example: "Mom and Dad and Bryn peeking out a window at Grandma's house!", "A rooster wearing glasses and eating cereal for breakfast!", or "A mean man, yawning and stretching!". Then she excitedly covers the drawings in color.
I hope this artsy phase lasts a loooong time. I love it!


Karen said...

Her language is amazing for a 2 1/2 year old. I mean, complete sentences and also her visualizing of something that isn't there. WOW! And her creations are wonderful.

whitney // eat sleep cuddle. said...

haha this is awesome! her art is beautiful--she should start selling! :)