Monday, March 30, 2009

Three Months

Our little girl is a quarter of a year old! I can't believe she's this old. She is such a sweet little girl, so content and happy. We're lucky to have such an easy baby. Here are a few of the things about Brynlee at this stage:

-Sleeps for 9 hours a night (She's always still wide awake when we lay her in her crib, but she just talks herself to sleep. It's so cute.)
-A good little eater
-Really smiley and happy
-Loves to make little noises
-Loves to blow little saliva bubbles
-Loves to touch and look at colorful things
-Loves to stand (with our help!) and look around the room
-Strong, chubby legs that love to kick
-Getting a little better at tummy time
-Loves to cuddle with Mom and Dad

We love you Brynlee!!!

P.S. My aunt Lila made this cute skirt for Brynlee. In fact, she designed the fabric and everything. (It was hard to get good pictures of Brynlee because she kept grabbing her skirt and staring at all the colors and patterns!)
Lila is a fabric designer for Moda. To see more of her work, check out her blog: or click on the "Lila Tueller" link to the right.

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