Thursday, November 20, 2008

Corn Dog

This is Josh. I'm typing away with eight fingers as my corn dog looking cast (see Nov 11 post) effectively eliminates two fingers on my right hand. This cast actually gets me a lot of attention and I’m gonna miss it when it’s gone. I’ve tried to convince Lar that I know what she’s going through with her pregnancy because I have a broken finger, but there seems to be a disconnect. The cast creates random conversation with strangers. Examples of this are when I’m in an elevator or some other place and some one asks, “What happened to your finger?” My response--“I broke it.” That’s about where the conversation ends. I let them draw their own conclusions.
The most awkward part about the cast is giving a hand shake. When someone extends their hand to me I have one of three options: 1) Hold up my right hand showing the obvious dilemma, and then repeat the elevator conversation above. 2) Shake their right hand with my left hand. (Looks weird and feels weirder) 3) Do option one above only to have them extend me their left hand and make some cheesy joke, at which point I want to break one of their fingers.
There’s also the ridicule that comes from telling someone I broke my finger playing football when at which point they inevitably ask “tackle or flag”. I despise that question. I wish it had happened during the former but it didn’t. Then I think about a kid I once knew who through his back out while sneezing. Seriously, he really did. That makes me feel better.

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