Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Few Changes

I found my grocery shopping list from last week and realized that I'll have to make a few changes when Josh gets home...


These are the weekly staples for me, but I don't think Josh could survive on this! I'll have to get back into the habit of long shopping lists with meat, eggs, dried pasta, and potatoes. With the big bowls of cereal Josh loves I don't think my half-gallon of milk per week will do it!


It didn't take long for me to take over Josh's empty closet! But before he gets home I guess I'll have to cram my stuff back into my own space. I found out after Josh left that my little closet on the right is about half the size of Josh's closet on the right! How did that happen!? I don't know how I didn't realize it when we were first moving in. I'm definitely going to pull a switch on him!


With Josh gone I've gotten into the habit of taking up the whole bed. I sleep diagonally across the whole thing. It's what feels normal now. This is definitely going to be a hard habit to break. I tried sleeping on my regular side of the bed last night, but it only took a few minutes for me to end up diagonally.

Despite the effort it will take to break these habits, I'm so glad to do it! I can't wait to have Josh back. Four days!!! Woohoo!!!

(My posts are beginning to all have the same theme, but I'm sure you'll see more variety once Josh is home).

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