Monday, August 11, 2008

Annual Tueller Swim Party

Last Saturday was the second annual swim party and BBQ for the Tueller family...and let's hope this tradition continues for many more years! A family in Dave and Margaret's ward has an amazing pool and they've let us use it for the last two years. It was such a fun time to be with family and to play in the water for hours!

Here's Logan and Marie, getting ready to dive into the pool. I was about the only one who didn't spend the night jumping off the "waterfall". My mom reminded me that it might not be the best thing for a pregnant lady to do. I guess a belly flop wouldn't might be a little alarming to the little baby inside of me. Pregnancy also kept me from the hottub. My only option was to go down the water slide over and over again with Logan and little Troy. But I can't complain. It was a great night. So fun to be with cousins!
Marie and I. Another sister picture to add to the files. Maybe you can see in the picture that my pregnant belly is slowly emerging. This picture doesn't do it justice, though! If the picture was from further away or if I was turned totally sideways you could definitely see it even more!

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