Tuesday, October 13, 2015

August Pics

 I'm behind on updating this little online journal of ours! It's already October, but here are a few snapshots from August that I want to remember...
 Tatey Boy loves the swings!
 And Brynnie Girl loves a good pose!
 The girls thought it would be so funny if we made our own paper bibs to match Tate at lunchtime. 
 Ponies ponies ponies! All day every day! Both girls are so into it and it's adorable to watch them playing "Ponyville" together.
 The cutest moment of the month may have been the day that Josh randomly got home from work early and spent the evening with the kids in the backyard building forts for the ninja turtles (Josh's old ninja turtles that he grew up with).

 New Jersey weather can be a bit extreme from time to time. This rainstorm was crazy!
 This is a familiar site. Mya loves to check out "big kid" books from the library like Bryn and "read" them to herself. 
 One of Tate's favorite activities is opening and emptying drawers.
 Most weekend nights are spent park-hopping. 
 Tate loves eating dirt. It's kind of a problem. 
 Curious George!
  Bryn is the sweetest note writer.
"Dear Mom and Dad, I want you to know how much I love you! And that day by day I work very hard to make you happy. I sure love you. Love, Bryn"
Tate's first play date. I was dying. 
We'll end with these two little faces :)

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