Wednesday, June 17, 2015


May was a great month mostly because we had two sets of visitors! I did separate posts with those visits, but here are a bunch of pictures from our day to day activities in May...
Tate is as cute as ever!
 First time wearing shorts! It's too much for me.
 Bryn's homemade hot air balloon for her stuffed animals
 I know this is a random picture, but it makes me laugh so hard. We had a bunch of birds that congregated every morning in the gutter right below our bedroom window. For a week or two they woke us up every morning around 4:30 am. We tried clearing out their nest again and again(there weren't any eggs in it), but they would rebuild it each day. I don't know why, but it always cracked me up to see Josh scale the house again and again to clear out the gutter, so angry at those birds! Ha ha! 
Eventually we got some wire mesh and blocked off the gutter, and that solved the problem. But May was definitely a month of early morning wake-up calls!
 This is a daily scene. She goes through so much paper and markers!
 This is totally embarrassing and also hysterical. Bryn told me she thought of a way for me to get tons of cute new clothes - by hanging signs like this around our town. It says "Hand-me downs and fashion galore. Want to donate hand-me-downs?" And then it had my phone number. Ha ha! I didn't let her hang these signs up, but at least I know she's looking out for me.... and she thinks I need some help with my clothes!
 Tate, just being cute
 I had a cold during one of Josh's business trips in May. Bryn could see that I was sick and wrote me the world's sweetest note.
Heading out to school, Bryn says "Hey Mom- do we have time for a quick pic before school?"
Bryn's homemade crown for Tate. It says "Prince Tate of Dunlap Street" "All Hail Tate" "Hooray for Tate"
 Josh and I gave each other a BBQ for Valentine's Day and Josh has been grilling up some delicious meals when he's home on Sundays.
 Three peas in a pod
Sunday evening walks. This time we walked along the "river" in our neighborhood.
 My four favorite people!
 This is right before the rain came and got us all wet
 Mya's friend Afton came over for a play date and Bryn didn't know her, so she wrote this note to "introduce herself" :)
 Mya has loved building blocks lately
 New day, new block creation
 Family drawing sessions are my favorite, especially when Josh is included! Bryn drew the dress of this princess and Josh drew the face :)
 More drawings that crack me up: Bryn's version of Kate Middleton on the left, Josh's version on the right!
 Another love note Bryn wrote me: "I love L.H. to the moon and back one million infinity times!!!!!!!"
 Posing on the porch
 These two are such good buds. Mya can get Tate laughing harder than anyone else can.
See ya later, May!


Clarke Family said...

Tate's shorts and little shoes are something else!

HolliJo said...

Oh these are so cute! I can't believe how big Tate is getting. And all of Bryn's notes are adorable. And I just realized I made my blog private and never got your email. Will you send it to me so I can send you an invite?