Wednesday, March 5, 2014


February seemed to zip by really quickly for some reason, it's hard to believe it's already March! It was freeeezing cold and constantly snowing, so we mostly stayed indoors and somehow kept ourselves entertained inside. Here are a few snapshots from our month...
Bryn really wanted this set of Frozen figurines, but she had to do a special job chart to earn it. It took Bryn four weeks to finish all the jobs and she was thrilled to finally earn her prize.(Bryn isn't the best at chores, so it was a big deal for her! Hopefully the habit will stick!)
February included hours and hours at the kitchen table drawing, writing notes, doing workbooks, and making crafts.
My loves baby dolls and she sure takes good care of them! 
Watching Cinderella in costume
Brynlee doesn't dress up in ten costumes a day like last year, but she we still find her in costume about once a day :) 
I got a kick out of this sign Bryn posted in the kitchen, outlawing poblano peppers, cauliflower, kale, onions, and pickles.
One of Mya's favorite spots to roll around is under the bathroom sink. I don't think she could choose a more germ-ridden spot!
sweaty bedhead
We are doing monthly goals as a family this year and our reward for meeting January's goal was a fun gelato trip at the beginning of February. 
Bryn loves babies and she loved helping babysit this cute guy.  
Just two sisters trying to get themselves ready for the day in the same small bathroom :)
Fresh from the favorite time of day!
Bryn had the idea to make cardboard houses and Mya thought it was pretty amazing.

 Beloved blankie
 Mya picked out her outfit and hair bows this day. She's already opinionated about her clothes!
 Tons and tons of snow meant several cancelled days of school and lots of fun playtime in the snow. 
We had a great February, but I'm really hoping the coldest, snowiest days are behind us and that March brings us some warmth and sunshine!

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