Friday, May 4, 2012

Family Portraits

Today Bryn told me to write all the names of my family and she would draw their pictures. 
I was doing the dishes while she drew, so I didn't see the results til she was done.
I LOVE them! I was laughing so hard when I first saw them! If I would have known the "portraits" would have turned out so great I would have given her better paper than 3 inch post-its. 

She tried to draw Marie's glasses- that's why she's got the crazy eyes!

 My mom's got glasses like Marie, so more crazy eyes on this one, too.

 I love that she drew Josh with a uni-brow!
 I'm not sure why my mouth is so big...Am I singing? Yelling? Talking talking talking?

 And I love that she made the scale of the baby smaller than the rest. The baby looks like a little bug: head, thorax, abdomen. Love it!
Three cheers for Bryn! I need to have her draw more because these little drawing have had me giggling all day!


Scott and Lindsey said...

Frame those in one big frame for your mom for mothers day. They are awesome!

Karen said...

Those are awesome!! You have a little artist on your hands. She has your talent. Seriously, her work is amazing.