Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bryn...the Healer

Bryn loves to watch Josh give me my shots each morning/night and is always very concerned, asking "Does it hurt Mom? Are you going to be okay?"
She used to wrap her arms around me and try to give me hugs during the shots (super cute), but about a week ago she thought of an even better idea:
Now, after my shots Bryn puts her hand over the injection spot and starts singing the "Flower Gleam and Glow..." healing song from Tangled. It's so cute. She takes this job really seriously, but Josh and I always have to hold in the laughter. It's pretty cute.


McKenzie said...

That is THE cutest thing ever. I mean Ever. I love it. So excited for you two to have baby #2!! Yay!

Karen said...

That little sister is probably going to love Tangled since she is hearing it in the womb!

miss said...

That is hilarious. I just started laughing out loud on the bus.