Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today while Bryn was at playgroup I went to a used book sale that is usually too crazy to try out with Bryn squirming around. But today I took my time, looked through all the mostly-strange books, and ended up with 14 great ones for under six bucks total. Some of these are favorite books from my childhood, so I was excited. And now Bryn's spent the last hour reading them over and over. Hooray for cheap books!


Karen said...

I love Sandra Boynton books. Ethan has just giggled at some of the ones we have gotten from the library. Fun for you!

Deneal said...

Oh please share! Where is this used book sale? Is it ongoing? Looks like you found a great haul of fun books.
FYI: I have good luck at the HBPL used book shelves. I often find some classics for cheap, cheap!

Janice said...

I love book sales! Great finds!