Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Countdown

I LOVE countdowns. I used to make paper-chains to countdown the days to anything: holidays, end of the semester, birthdays, study abroad programs, etc. My best countdown chain was a huge chain that counted the days til I turned sixteen. I started the chain when I was still fourteen, and I kept that thing going for fifteen months until the big day. Definitely a little extreme.
Anyway, my paper chain days are over because I just finished this new little countdown...
It's a simple countdown for the birthdays in our family. It's just an 18 x 24 inch piece of home dec fabric with little3 x 3 inch pockets sewn on front. I will write little notes with 25 things that I love about that person, and put one in each pocket. So for the 25 days leading up to their birthday they can read something nice about them. I also picked up some little wooden stars and mini clothes pins, and painted a different color star for me, Josh, and Bryn and glued them on the clothes pins. I can move the clothes pin along each day to show how many days are left til the birthday. Josh's birthday's coming up in 28 days, so tonight I wrote all the little notes and we'll start the countdown on Wednesday. Hopefully this will be a fun tradition for our fam.


Kristy said...

I love that idea! SO much fun!

Kristin said...

WHat a great idea! Want to make me one? hee hee