Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hiking the Y

It's been such a great week! You know those weeks that just go so well...for no apparent reason? This week has definitely been one of those. Josh has been working full time for AtTask until he leaves for his internship, and I have started spring term at BYU. I have a really awesome New Testament class, a pretty awesome Marriage Enhancement class, and a not-so-awesome Physical Science class. It should be a really busy term, as I'm also working 25-30 hours as the Office Manager for Stadium Terrace Apartments. But it will be fine.

Highlights of the week:
-A little midweek date night to Barnes and Noble
-Josh's softball game, where his team blew out their opponent
-Coming from my evening class to find Josh making chocolate chip cookies!
-and the grand finale.....

Hiking the Y late last night. I'm a senior at BYU and I had never hiked it before. It was about time! It was actually a really fun hike. We went when it was totally dark and it was so pretty to look over the valley and see the lights. Hopefully we'll do it again soon.

p.s. I was soo good at taking pictures of every activity when we were engaged, but now I never carry a camera around. I've got to work on it!

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