Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Goodbye Wedding Dress

So, I'm selling my wedding dress. Is that horrible? I think I'm supposed to hang on to it forever and pass it on for all generations of time, but I'm honestly not that attached to it. (I actually wanted to rent a dress, but couldn't find anything). It was definitely a love/hate relationship with my dress. It was the absolute perfect dress that I had wanted...but the first thing that comes to mind is sucking in my stomache and being worried about whether or not it would fit on my wedding day. Maybe I'm just selling it out of defiance.

Anyway, have any of you sold your wedding dress? Any tips on where to post an ad or are there little shops that buy wedding dresses? I posted it on, but that's the extent of my efforts. Any suggestions....or am I the only future mom that won't have a wedding dress for my daughters to try on?

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